Pension Advisory Council

In 2000, when the pension plan was formed, Canada Post, as the administrator of the Plan, decided to establish a pension council based on the provisions of the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985, (PBSA), and named it the Pension Advisory Council (PAC).

The PAC represents members of the Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution components of the Canada Post Corporation Registered Pension Plan.

Plan members who would like to contact their elected representative can send an email to

Mandate of the PAC (Terms of Reference)

Governance overview

Governance overview - The PAC is part of the Plan's overall governance structure approved by the Board of Directors.

PAC organizational structure

PAC membership and biographies

PAC meetings

Code of conduct of the PAC

Code of conduct of the PAC - All PAC members and alternates must sign an annual acknowledgement certifying their agreement with the Code of Conduct of the PAC.

Terms of PAC members


PAC members who are also employees of Canada Post will continue to receive their regular pay when they attend a meeting that takes place during their regular hours of work. The employee's absence from work to attend a PAC meeting, including travel time, is not considered leave without pay, and travel expenses are reimbursed. PAC members do not receive additional monetary compensation or any other indemnity (overtime pay, compensatory leave) from the Pension Fund or Canada Post for any other PAC-related activities. During an election period, any candidate who has questions concerning compensation should send an email at

Term of office

The term of office for... is...
the representatives of the unions/associations determined by the executives of each respective union/association and by the Pension Committee.
the Canada Post representatives determined by the Pension Committee.
elected representatives three years.

Knowledge requirements

Each member is expected to have at least some knowledge of investment markets in Canada and abroad or some knowledge of financial analysis or of federal pension legislation or a detailed understanding of defined benefit pension plans or of actuarial principles. If members do not meet this qualification, they must participate in relevant training, at the expense of the Plan, in order to continue their term.

PAC elections