Leave of absence without pay contribution rates

Note: The first three months of approved leave without pay is always at single rate.

Leave Type Repayment Rate
Adoption Single
Maternity Single
Parental leave for newborn child Single
Sick leave without pay or Injury-on-Duty leave Single
Disability Single
Compassionate care leave Single
Engaged locally outside Canada Single
Military - Canadian Armed Forces Single
Organization or government, not part of the public service, including a government other than the Government of Canada, which service is beneficial to Canada Post or at the request of the Government of Canada Single
Care & nurturing - children Double
Care & nurturing - eldercare Double
Education - special Double
Other leave - paid official of credit union, service with any organization including a not-for-profit organization, in which the service is not approved as advantageous to Canada Post Double
Personal Double
Relocation of spouse Double
Sabbatical - Self-funded Double
Union--on loan--full-time official of union Double