Pre-retirement webinar

What is a pre-retirement webinar?

The pre-retirement webinar is a pre-recorded informative session led by an independent retirement planning expert designed to increase your understanding of the Canada Post pension plan.

You will learn more about

  • the value of your Canada Post pension benefit,
  • how government pension programs work,
  • how to define your retirement goals and the basics of retirement planning,
  • wills and estate planning, and
  • how financial, legal and healthy lifestyle choices can affect your retirement.


Why is this webinar offered? Why should I participate?

The webinar is offered to help Canada Post employees make the most of their retirement preparation. Topics covered include an overview of the Canada Post pension plan and post-retirement benefits, as well as government-sponsored pension programs. Information regarding financial planning, wills and estate planning, psychological aspects of retirement, and health and wellness is also included.

The webinar is managed by the Retirement Planning Institute and is the single point of contact.

Who can participate to a pre-retirement webinar?

Participation is by invitation only for pension plan members and their partners.

Members must be within ten years of an unreduced pension and can attend only once during their career. Invitations are usually sent out during the first three months of the year.

Once your registration is received, the Retirement Planning Institute will send you a confirmation by email.

In the event that you have not received your confirmation email, please verify your junk email folder. Those who do not receive an invitation will receive one when they become eligible.

How many times can I participate to a webinar in my career at Canada Post?

You may participate to a pre-retirement webinar only once in your career at Canada Post. To make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to attend and that participants get the maximum benefit from the information presented, the webinar is reserved for employees who are within ten years of being eligible to an unreduced pension.

If you have already participated, you can not participate again. However, you may

  • obtain personalized pre-retirement and financial planning counselling at no cost to you through the Employee and Family Assistance Program. Call 1-866-565-4903 to take advantage of this service,
  • refer to the Financial and retirement planning tools brochure for helpful information to assist you in your planning.

Registration information for the pre-retirement webinar


How do I register to participate to the pre-retirement webinar?

Attendance is by invitation only. If you are eligible, you will receive an invitation by mail at the beginning of the year.

Instructions on how to register will be included in the invitation letter. The webinar is managed by the Retirement Planning Institute and is your single point of contact.

Once I register, what happens?

The Retirement Planning Institute will send you a confirmation by email after you have registered with the details on how you can access the webinar. The confirmation will also include a link to the participant booklet if you had chosen to receive it electronically. Otherwise, you will receive a hard copy by mail.

Refer to your invitation package for registration deadline and for how long the recording will be available to you after you've registered.

If you are registered and are unable to view the webinar, you must advise the Retirement Planning Institute of your cancellation before the registration deadline. If you do not notify the Retirement Planning Institute, you will be considered as having participated and you will not be eligible to participate again.

What happens if I register but I'm unable to participate? Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, there is a cancellation policy. If you have registered and cannot participate regardless of the reason, it is your responsibility to contact the Retirement Planning Institute at 1-888-910-1098 before the registration deadline as indicated in your invitation package. If you do not call to cancel your registration, you will be considered as having participated and you will not receive another invitation.

Canada Post pays for all the costs associated with the pre-retirement webinar. These costs include the webinar recording, the registration fee, books, etc. This is why we respectfully ask that you make every effort to view the webinar within the alloted time.

I was invited but my co-worker was not. Why?

The invitations are sent to employees who have never registered or attended and who are within ten years of being eligible for an unreduced pension. Those who do not receive an invitation will receive one when they become eligible.

I received my confirmation and it suggests I bring my pension estimate. How do I get one?

You can obtain your pension estimate using Calculate my pension. Using your employee number, without leading zeroes, and your password. Choose the "Your Projected Pension Benefit" link, enter your planned retirement date, then scroll down and press the “Calculate” button. Your projected pension benefit statement will appear on the screen and can be printed. If you can't locate your password, visit Password for pension calculator.

Alternately, you may bring your most recent Your Personalized Pension Statement or call the Pension Centre at 1-877-480-9220 (TTY 1-866-370-2725) and request a copy of your estimate.