Communications and Consultation (C&C) Group

Canada Post is exploring with stakeholders the options to address the challenges facing the pension plan and is committed to an ongoing effort to keep all Plan members informed.

The Communications & Consultation (C&C) Group was established in 2015 and is made up of 12 representatives, five elected and seven appointed, to represent their stakeholder groups. The role of the representatives is to help facilitate the exchange of information between the Corporation and the Plan members they represent.

It's important to note that the C&C Group representatives do not replace your representatives on the Pension Advisory Council (PAC), which remains in place.

C&C Group representatives

You can reach your C&C Group representatives by

C&C Group meetings


A communications and consultation framework was developed by a committee made up of stakeholders and Canada Post. It outlines the matters that will be communicated to Plan members and how they will be informed and consulted. The framework will be operated by the Communications and Consultation (C&C) Group made up of representatives from all stakeholders and from Canada Post.

Letters to homes

  • Letter mailed to Plan members in May 2016;
  • Letter mailed to Plan members at the end of October, 2014;

C&C Group elections

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Election background, term of office and eligibility


In 2015, elections were held for the following five positions on the Communications and Consultation Group (C&C Group):

  • The MGT/XMT” election – One representative for active Defined Benefit (DB) members of the Canada Post Corporation Registered Pension Plan (Plan) not represented by a bargaining agent (management and exempt employees).
  • The Retiree” election – Four representatives of the following DB members of the Plan: retirees in receipt of pension plan payments, survivors and deferred members.

The four-year term of these five positions expired in early 2019; accordingly, elections were held between February and April 2019 to fill the five vacancies. In late 2019, the position of the MGT/XMT representative became vacant and another election was organized from November 2019 to January 2020. During the summer of 2021, the same MGT/XMT position became vacant and another election was organized from June to September 2021.

Term of office

The elected representatives will serve for the lesser of the time that the C&C Group is needed while the Plan’s challenges are being addressed, or for a period of four years.


There are currently no elections for the C&C Group. The eligibility criteria will be updated accordingly during an election period.

Nomination period

The call for nominations will be communicated to eligible Plan members at the next election.

Voting period

Voting instructions will be communicated to eligible Plan members an active election.

If you have any questions during an election, send an email to or call 1-855-261-1832.

Elected representatives

Representative of Names of representatives Effective date
Management and exempt members of the DB component of the Plan Sarah Lyall September 7, 2021
Retirees, survivors and deferred members of the DB component of the Plan Mary Bishop, Marion Pollack, William (Bill) R. Price & Peter Whitaker May 6, 2019