Facts about fees

Fund management fees

As a DC member, you benefit from investment fees that are lower than the fees of comparable individual funds offered through other financial institutions, which average between 2.0% and 2.5% per year. Fees for the funds included in the Canada Post DC pension are about 1.5% lower on average. This difference in fees compounds over the life of your investments and can make a big difference down the road when you are ready to retire. Over a 25-year period, these lower fees could provide as much as 20% more in retirement savings.

All the fund management fees (FMFs) you pay are available online. Simply sign into mysunlife.ca using your access ID and password and go to:

Home page > my financial centre (under the my financial future link) > Accounts drop-down menu > Account Fees.

The FMFs are taken directly from your account. Your FMFs will show as a separate charge on your account each month which makes them easy to see. You can see the fees on your monthly transaction history on your website account at mysunlife.ca (Accounts > Transaction history > Details).

Transfer fees

If you decide to transfer money between funds, these transfers are free of charge unless you transfer out of a fund less than 30 calendar days after having transferred money into that fund. In such case, a 2% fee may be charged.

Other fees

There may be other fees for specific transactions or requests. For a full listing of fees, go to mysunlife.ca > my financial centre > accounts > account fees> service fees.