Seminars and webinars

Free live webinars are offered by Sun Life Financial to learn more about being retirement ready.

These 60-minute webinars, hosted by financial education consultants, are designed to assist members with their retirement savings and planning throughout their career. Go to to register.

Webinar Description Who should attend
Understanding your DC component of the Plan Learn more about the DC component, the Voluntary Savings Plan (VSP) and other topics such as: sources of retirement income, understanding your plan, choosing your investments & resources available to you. Click here to view this Canada Post specific Webinar. Suitable for all members.
Connect with your money Shows how easy it is for members to manage their workplace savings program with the tools and services available online. Suitable for members who want to get the most out of their workplace savings plan.
Investing with confidence
Part 1: The essentials
Introduction to the fundamentals of investing that shows members how to build a diversified portfolio to help meet their savings and retirement goals. Suitable for new investors, but open to everyone.
Investing with confidence
Part 2: A closer look
Builds on the essentials to help members invest with confidence. Suitable for investors who understand the fundamentals of investing and want to build on that knowledge.
Creating your financial roadmap Shows members how to use financial planning tools to build a solid financial plan and avoid some of the common pitfalls of money management. Suitable for members looking for guidance to reach their financial goals.
Managing your money Helps members establish a clear understanding of the critical components in managing their money. Suitable for members looking for guidance in money management and savings tips.
Are you retirement ready? Focuses on helping members define their goals as they consider what their retirement will look like. Suitable for members age 50 and over who want to determine if they are retirement ready.
Bridging the gap between your health and finances Focuses on developing a healthy financial plan to protect members from depleting their savings if an unplanned health event occurs. Suitable for members of all ages to help them be financially prepared for unexpected health events.
Where there's a will, there's a way Helps members understand the critical components involved in the estate planning process including wills, power of attorneys, executors and taxes. Suitable for members of all ages to help them understand the complexities of estate planning.