Title Description Link
required in some cases
my Investments guide A reference booklet to help you with your investment decisions. It contains an investment risk profiler you can use to determine your risk profile. my Investments guide
Investment Risk profiler A questionnaire to determine your risk profile. It provides you with an investment risk score to guide you to the appropriate funds. > Resource Centre > my money tools > Asset allocation
Also found on page 11 of the my Investments guide
Morningstar® Access to the Morningstar® reports which provide important information and analysis about your investments. > my financial future > my financial centre > Accounts > Investment performance. See My fund performance on the right navigation for the Morningstar® link
Retirement Planner Answer this questionnaire and in less than 10 minutes you will find out if and how you can reach your desired retirement goals. > Resource Centre > my money tools > Retirement planner
Personalized account statement Your statement includes details of your account, personal rate of return, fund performance, investment fees, and Plan news and information. Mailed to your home in January and July.
my learning centre Provides access to short, educational videos about investments and savings goals to make the most of your pension savings. > Resource Centre > my learning centre
Money UP money UP is a fun, game-inspired way for you to learn more about your workplace retirement plan. > Group retirement services > money UP